Tips for Traveling with Food

It's the holiday season, so you've probably been thinking about how to transport holiday meals to your family. Here are tips on how to pack your holiday food in your car:

  • Secure container lids with tape and tinfoil or plastic wrap.
  • Pack food containers in a box packed with towels to keep them from moving around.
  • Use stackable containers to save space.
  • Use your car's seatbelts to hold the box in place.

Aside from that, make sure your car is fit to make the trip. No one wants their car breaking down while they are on the road. A breakdown can ruin your holiday plans, so while you are still in Cathedral City, make that call and have your vehicle serviced. Palm Springs Kia is ready to change your oil, check your headlights, service your transmission, or anything you need to get to your destination safely.

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