Maintaining Headlight Safety

Your vehicle’s headlights wear out just like other parts do. Because your safety depends on properly working headlights, it is wise to have them checked routinely by a Kia service expert, like those you’ll find at Palm Springs Kia.

The first step in headlight maintenance is checking the lenses for any damage, including cracks or yellowing. Next, check the brightness of each headlight. Over time, bulbs begin to wear out and do not burn as brightly. This affects how well you can see at night. At the same time, check the focus. Hitting one pothole too many may misalign one or both headlights, causing the line of light to shine at an angle. This can cause blind spots and create a driving hazard as well, particularly in bad weather.

If you have any questions or concerns about replacing your headlights, let our service technicians at Palm Springs Kia in Cathedral City, CA assist you. They will check them and make recommendations if replacements are needed. Call for an appointment today.

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