How to Sum up Your Total Cost of Kia Ownership

More often than not, first-time car buyers are too excited to own their first rides. Their logic of budgeting surpasses their eagerness to flaunt their achievement of owning a car. Having achieved their financial goals that will enable them to walk into a showroom proudly, and come out driving a fancy new car is high. They, however, miss out on crucial factors of consideration, such as future costs relating to the vehicle. We at Palm Springs Kia have a finance expertise team that will not only help you choose a suitable car for your budget, but will also help you in calculating its total cost of ownership. Some of the total cost of ownership factors that you should calculate include:

  • Fuel costs
  • Government rates and taxes
  • Insurance costs
  • Car repairs and maintenance
  • Car accessories
  • Depreciation

Visit our Cathedral City Kia showroom for a one on one guide as you choose the right ride suitable for your budget.

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