Educating Our Customers on Gaskets

At Palm Springs Kia in Cathedral City, CA, we want to be certain that you know all that you can about your vehicle so that when one of our experienced automotive technicians is explaining a repair, you'll be comfortable. That's why we're explaining one of the types of parts on your vehicle: a gasket.

There are several gaskets on your vehicle, including the head gasket, exhaust manifold gaskets, and intake manifold gaskets. But what do they do? These parts form seals that make it impossible for gases and liquids to seep through. That is, unless the gasket becomes damaged or too old. Two of the easiest ways to prevent gaskets from failing is to have your oil changed regularly and to make sure your coolant is always at the proper level.

To learn more about this topic, or to have one of your gaskets or any other part on your vehicle replaced, come visit our service center at Palm Springs Kia in Cathedral City.

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