Checking Your Tire Tread and Pressure Helps Avoid Tire Blowouts

Two of the largest contributing factors to tire blowouts are improper tread on tires and improper tire pressure. That is why we here at Palm Springs Kia of Cathedral City, CA are here to tell you why they are both so vital to avoiding blowouts.

The proper tire pressure for your vehicle can be found in your owner's manual. If the pressure falls above or below this level, your tires will wear unevenly thus wearing tread down quicker than normal and creating weak spots. Checking your tread for uneven wear is as simple as using a penny. Simply place it in the tread and anywhere that it does not cover most of Lincoln's head is too thin.

If you are looking for a quality team to service your tires or to do any sort of other work on your car then be sure to stop on by our service center or give us a call at Palm Springs Kia of Cathedral City, CA today!

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