Are You Using the Right Oil for Your Engine?

In vehicles, motor oil is an important fluid for maintaining a healthy engine. Yet in order to identify the effectiveness of a particular oil, it must be measured by thickness and temperature. This is known as the motor oil viscosity index. A motor oil’s viscosity is measured with a viscometer.

In a basic definition, the viscosity index is an oil’s resistance to flow. If an oil is thicker in mass, it will flow much slower than a thinner solution, lowering the power of the engine. The ratings are listed as W (Winter) for oils that were tested at cold temperatures. At 212 degrees Fahrenheit, motor oils are measured with SAE numbers which are commonly found on the back of their bottles. Regardless, an oil listed as having a viscosity based at 0 degrees will read as 5W30 and have a lower viscosity than a 10W30 oil.

Picking the correct motor oil for your vehicle can be tricky for some. To know what brand is best for your car, we invite you to Palm Springs Kia in Cathedral City for a look at different oil types. Let us find the best match for your car.

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