How Can You Tell If Your Ignition Requires Servicing?

The ignition of your vehicle has one very important function: to transmit the electrical current from the battery to create a spark that is used to ignite fuel and thus start your car. If it is not working properly, then your car won't start. That is why we here at Palm Springs Kia of Cathedral City, CA want to ensure that you can recognize some common issues that would result in a failed ignition.

First, if any smoke is ever seen being emitted from your starter, then be sure to contact a dealership immediately. This can quickly become a safety issue if left unchecked. Also, if there is ever an oil soak witnessed, it should also be referred to a trained professional so that more issues don’t occur down the road.

For more information about your ignition or to have any other work completed on your car, be sure to give our service center a call at Palm Springs Kia of Cathedral City today!

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