Fuel Economy Insights for Drivers

Gasoline is expensive. Fuel creates emissions in the air. For these two reasons alone, drivers should seek better gas mileage. Purchasing a car known for fuel economy helps, but drivers should embrace steps that help cut down on consumption.

Often, minute effort improves fuel economy. A driver who cleans out the trunk will get better gas mileage. Less weight means less work for the car. Similarly, making sure the tires are fully inflated and getting regular oil changes helps the cause. Routine maintenance and proper care improve the chances a vehicle gets good gas mileage. Things adding stress to the car's operations can drive up fuel consumption.

How you drive on the road factors in as well. Driving too fast or too erratically burns up gasoline. Such behavior on the road also creates safety risks as well.

Drive around Cathedral City, CA with better fuel economy in a better-performing car. Bring your vehicle to us at Palm Springs Kia to be up to date on all service.

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