As time goes by, the headlights on your vehicle may become cloudy and yellow looking. This is caused by the aging of the headlight cover. Palm Springs Kia located in Cathedral City, CA wants you to know that there are ways that you can restore your headlights by yourself.

One way of restoring your headlights to a better appearance is by using insect repellent that contains DEET. Spray a little repellent on a rag. Rub the rag lightly on the surface of the headlight for a few minutes. Do not get the repellent on your vehicle's painted surface. Always wipe off any excess repellent from the headlight surface.

Another means of DIY headlight restoration is by using sandpaper. This method is useful for removing scratches from the surface of the headlight. Make sure that when using this method that you don't use sandpaper that is too harsh. This could cause permanent damage to the headlight's surface.

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