We hear about all kinds of car odors at Palm Springs Kia in Cathedral City, CA. And we know that you want to comfortably drive your vehicle without smells climbing up your nose or embarrassing you in from of passengers. Easy tips follow to help you with your smelly dilemma.

Addressing smells begins with cleaning your auto's interior. Dump any trash found in your console, doors or floorboards. Next, thoroughly rid your vehicle of dirt and other unwanted substances. In addition to vacuuming your auto, you may need to scrub its soft surfaces with car shampoo. Stains are more than unsightly. They may carry odors!

Now, you can banish odors from your car. We recommend car-strength odor neutralizers. As you probably know, regular air fresheners only mask smells. For extremely difficult odors like smoke or mildew, you may need to apply the odor neutralizer to your climate control system's air intakes while the interior fan runs.

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