Before you decide to leave your pet at home when you travel, consider a few methods of removing hair when you're cleaning your car. If possible, take your pet in a small crate when you're traveling to prevent hair from getting on surfaces. A gate can sometimes keep hair from drifting from the back of your car to the front as well.

To prevent hair from getting on your seats, cover them with a sheet or a blanket. This can make your pet comfortable while riding in Cathedral City, CA and help to keep your car clean as well. If you have leather seats, then the cover can usually prevent tears from your pet's claws.

Try to brush your pet before you go on a trip. This will remove a lot of the loose hair that can fly around. Avoid letting hair linger in your car because it will be harder to remove it after a few trips. Palm Springs Kia can use a large vacuum to remove hair if you don't have one available.

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