Your car's battery is one of its most crucial components. Without it, you won't make it out of your driveway, much less arrive at your destination. To keep tabs on this vital part of your vehicle, we at Palm Springs Kia recommend performing a battery test utilizing the following procedure.

First things first: completely turn off your car and any accessory lights. With this done, you'll want to find a voltmeter in Cathedral City, CA, a device that can read the voltage present in batteries. By attaching the positive test lead to the positive post on the battery, and vice-versa for the negative lead and post, you complete a circuit, allowing your voltmeter to display a voltage reading for your battery. If the reading is 12.2 volts or below at 50% charge, you'll want to think about replacing your battery sooner rather than later.

If you require a new battery, our service center is fully stocked with a wide variety of batteries to fit any vehicle.

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