How to Tame Pet Hair in Your Vehicle

Part of maintaining your vehicle is keeping the interior tidy, which will help when it comes time to evaluate its resale value. Whether you're just taking your pup to the vet or you like to bring your cat along with you everywhere, contending with pet hair can be a challenge in the confined space of your vehicle.

Keep pet hair to a minimum by thoroughly brushing your pet right before they enter your vehicle. Purchase a seat cover designed specifically for pets or just lay a towel along the seat and back in order to reduce stray hairs. Prevention can save you plenty of cleanup later.

When it comes time to deep clean your car, use a vacuum with the proper attachment to eliminate surface pet hairs. For stubborn fur that has woven itself into the fabric, try wearing rubber gloves and lightly misting the fabric, running your gloved fingers over the fur until it mats together and is easy to remove.

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