According to some studies, as many as 300 people are killed each year in vehicle accidents related to issues with blind-spots. Blind-spots are areas on the road that you cannot see by looking in the side mirrors or in your rear-view mirror. In order for you to stay safe, Palm Spring Kia in Cathedral City, CA wants you to know about the importance of having a blind-spot monitor in your vehicle.

A blind-spot monitor is a type of warning device. Sensors within the vehicle monitor to see if another vehicle is in the blind-spot. On most vehicles, the blind-spot monitor will provide an alert if you attempt to change lanes when there is a vehicle in the blind-spot. Some blind-spot monitors provide an alert at all times when vehicles are in the blind-spots.

Blind-spot monitors are becoming more and more popular. Most new vehicles have a blind-spot monitor that is part of the vehicle's safety feature package.

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