Here at Palm Springs Kia, we find it important that you stay informed concerning the function of your automobile. Your car contains hundreds of gaskets that help keep it functioning properly.

What is a Gasket, You Ask?

A gasket is a flat seal that forms an impenetrable bond between two surfaces. Typically made from three-layered steel, copper, or rubber, gaskets help to keep all fluids and airflow inside the engine and engine components.

Gasket Failure

When a gasket fails in your vehicle it can cause anything from a check engine light to a catastrophic event of all your vehicle's fluids leaking out.

Gasket Preservation

It's important to be punctual and precise about the maintenance of your vehicle to preserve gasket life. Because gaskets deteriorate over time, you will eventually need to have a repair done at places like our dealership in Cathedral City, CA. And we'll be happy to help you when the time comes!

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