When leaving your driveway, do you often find yourself checking and re-checking your mirrors? Does the possibility of running over something in your blind spot fill you with worry and anxiety? If so, then you might want to hear about backup cameras. At Palm Springs Kia, we understand how important safety is to our customers.

Backup cameras are now required to be installed in all vehicles under 10,000 pounds. That means that any new car you purchase will likely be outfitted with one. So, what are they? Well, if the aforementioned problem has ever happened to you, then backup cameras are the solution. They provide a live view of what's behind your vehicle using a wide-angled lens, so you can see everything - even your regular blindspot.

If you're still a little confused about the point of backup cameras, wondering how they work, or just want to see one in person, then come visit us here at Palm Springs Kia to test drive a vehicle that's equipped with one!

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